Press Kit

Centre Line Home Design is excited to announce the addition of virtual reality to their toolbox. Bridging the gap between blueprints and a built home, Centre Line Home Design aims to eliminate the uncertainty of building custom. Company owner Christine Colebrook says "I'm a firm believer in knowing what I'm getting for my money. I like to try on a piece of clothing, see how bedding feels to the touch, or test drive a car, all before deciding to buy. Why is it that once we start talking about items that cost a healthy six-figure amount we don't get to do the same thing?" adding that "when building custom, it's not like you can return it for a full refund!" The virtual reality equipment allows the homeowner to walk through their home as though it were real. They can look up and see the vaulted ceiling, travel down the hallway to the bedrooms, and crouch down to inspect the grain of the wood floor. Benefitting home builders and future home owners alike, Centre Line Home Design allows you to take your home for a test drive.

Centre Line Home Design is located in Southwestern Ontario, and services both Canada and the United States.






Please contact Christine at press@clhomedesign.com or call (519) 365-6280.