How will you know if everything flows right, or if each room is big enough?

What if you can't visualize how a floor plan on paper looks like in real life?

How can you feel confident that your design is perfect before you drop a healthy six-figure chunk of change on it?

There are no 'model homes' to tour when building custom.

Everything else you buy allows you to give it a try before you buy. See how those jeans make your butt look (sculpted, I'm sure); feel the softness of that throw blanket; take the little red sports car for a spin (even if you're really buying a minivan). Building a custom home is the largest purchase of your life, make sure it's perfect.

How Does it Work?

Watch a demonstration here:

(please ignore my awkwardness)

Option 1: Risk your six figure budget on a house you've never seen before

You could try the old 'cross your fingers and hope it turns out the way you imagined' method of designing a home. Hope that the rooms feel large enough and you won't have to spend even more on a costly change order to move a wall, causing your project to take even longer (keeping you living at your in-laws way longer than your sanity can allow). Or worse, you could feel confident with your home until you actually go to move in and realize your master bedroom is too small.

Option 2: Put on a virtual reality headset and tour your future home before you start building

Be instantly transported to the end of your driveway. Walk up to your front door and enter your future home. Tour through it as though it was on the real estate market. Walk freely from room to room checking out everything at your own pace. Ensure the rooms feel large enough and that the flow from room to room is comfortable.

If anything doesn't feel quite right, change it on the blueprints before they are finalized. That's the beauty of the home test drive. You no longer have to feel the uncertainty of the unknown.


Be confident about your forever home.

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