I'm composed of approximately 92% house design.

Here is the other 8%.

Anyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised that one of the things I love right now is food related. Even less surprised to know that it's ice cream. I tasted my first Halo Top ice cream while vacationing in Phoenix, Arizona. That is also where I tasted my second, third, fourth, and fifth flavour.

Writing this out makes me realize that I might have a bit of an ice cream problem. Let's just gloss over that for a moment, shall we?

Halo Top's claim to fame is being low calorie in comparison to regular ice cream, and as someone that has trouble keeping my portions small, this is awesome. My favourite flavour so far is chocolate almond crunch. You would think that based on all other ice creams that chocolate would be the dominate flavour in this, but you would be wrong. It's all about the almond. Which I love. It's like when a brownie has almond extract in the icing. Just, awesome.

If you want to try this stuff, here in Canada it seems to be only sold in the grocery store 'Metro' and has a more limited range of flavours.

Close second to food is warmth. Even in the summer I'll have a blanket on me, so when it's even colder in the winter I like to layer up. These socks have a sherpa lining, and even though your feet kind of look like paddles wearing them because they are so thick, you're going to love how cozy warm they are.

These specific ones I found at 'Indigo', but it seems there are other ones with the same lining called 'reading socks'. Try them, you won't regret it.

These hanging planters are ridiculously cute. I got them to hang in my bathroom to add some greenery. Don't be fooled (like I was), those triangle inserts are not actually white. They are a cement colour, but I fixed that with a little trusty can of spray paint. They are the perfect size for a little succulent or an air plant to hang out in, and the copper accent is just the perfect amount of delicate visual interest.

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